CAS 112-02-7
EC 203-928-6

Product description

cationic surfactant, adsorbed onto negatively charged surfaces without leaving a visible film, for example on the hair. suitable as an active ingredient for hair cosmetics. improves the wet and dry combing properties and offers a good softening effect for normal hair, superb antistatic effect.

for creme rinses and hair conditioners. The more damaged the hair is the more this product will be used to achieve best effect, starting at about 0.5% up to 2.0%. also used in the manufacture of antistatic fixatives for permanent waving, hair lotions, shampoos and styling creams.

excellent foaming , can be combined with other cationic surfactants for special effects in wet and dry combing and the feel of the shampooed hair, compatible with nonionic and amphoteric surfactants, reacts with anionic surfactants by forming electroneutral salts