Supplier partners

For our suppliers, located throughout the world, we are a safe haven. We know exactly how to get their products to the right place. In the right way, under the right conditions, conform the right regulations, the right restrictions and via the right logistic steps. And to the right customers of course. Customers who can rely on AAKO’s thorough comprehension of what makes a high-quality product. Bulk chemicals, specialty chemicals and fine chemicals, if it goes through us it goes through the most careful process you could possibly imagine.

The Netherlands
AAKO is the European agent of Epolin; the manufacturer known worldwide for its near infrared absorbing dyes, inks and thermoplastic compounds. AAKO has the exclusivity to distribute Epolight™ and Luminate™ products from Epolin in Europe. This means that we work closely with Epolin to advise our European customers on the most suitable Epolin products.