Platinum sustainability rating

We are proud to announce that we have again been awarded a Platinum Medal by Ecovadis this year. It is a Platinum Medal in recognition of our achievements with regards to Corporate Social Responsibility. We received this highest recognition from EcoVadis; the world’s largest and most trusted provider of corporate sustainability assessments. You will understand; this medal makes us immensely proud and is a reward for our hard work!

EcoVadis envisions a global marketplace where sustainability information influences every business decision, improving economies, people’s lives and the planet we all depend on. We can safely say that we agree 100% and that this sustainability ambition also runs through the veins of AAKO.

Sustainability of AAKO

For example, quality management and responsible care are an important part of Chemical Excellence for us. Our thorough and meticulous way of working is evident when it comes to legal requirements, risk management, policies and documentation, information provision, employee training, emergency response, continuous improvement and community interaction.

We ensure that all quality is rock solid; we strive for perfection. We are also continuously focused on improving performance in the field of safety, health and environmental sustainability.

Our score

From Ecovadis we received an extensive overview of how our score for the Platinum medal is built up.

1. Environment: 80

2. Labor & Human Rights: 80

3. Ethics: 80

4. Sustainable Procurement: 70


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What does this score mean for customers?

We take the report seriously, it keeps us sharp. We do not sit still, we continuously improve our services to our customers on the above points and more. In short: a better world starts with yourself. And together we can go a little further!

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Suryn de Jager
Regulatory Affairs Manager