With our range of defoamers, near infrared dyes, dispersants and colorants, AAKO is a reliable source in the coatings market. If you want to keep any surface in the best possible condition, you will love what AAKO has to offer. We focus on quality products and supply certainty and provide an excellent alternative in this market of inks, paints & plastics.

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The Coatings team

Dominique Willaert
Sales and Marketing Manager
+31 (0)33 445 31 52
Fred ten Cate
Sales Support
+31 (0)33 445 31 53
Monique Landman
Sales Executive
+31 (0)33 445 31 83
Peter Klaver
Sales and Marketing Manager
+31 (0)33 445 31 75

Product highlights

Calgon N
Lopon W

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