Chemicals require perfection

Chemistry is the work of people. And people working with chemicals must aim for perfection. That has been AAKO’s humble opinion since 1945. It was the start of a family business that carefully refined its perfection year after year. This refinement is now part of a daily ritual. It is a commitment to care that you will experience across the full range of our services. Our in-depth knowledge of regional markets. The reliable science behind our products, the opportunities and the applications. And our familiarity with different industries. We treat everything with the same outstanding attention and consideration.

For our suppliers, located throughout the world, we are a safe haven. We know exactly how to get their products to the right place. In the right way, under the right conditions, conform the right regulations, the right restrictions and via the right logistic steps. And to the right customers of course. Customers who can rely on AAKO’s thorough comprehension of what makes a high-quality product. Bulk chemicals, specialty chemicals and fine chemicals, if it goes through us it goes through the most careful process you could possibly imagine.

Chemicals require the right performance

Chemistry may be an exact science, careful supply, advice and handling are like composing a symphony. Reading the notes is one thing, actually making music is another. Wherever in the world we source our chemicals, we not only immerse ourselves in the products, we also create a bridge between our two cultures. These connections form a harmonious partnership. This is very important to AAKO since it’s about more than just a new supply of raw materials. As a result, we can quickly change tune if necessary. Building up the melody until we hit the right tempo.

It’s about the right performance, one that starts with caution. The right sourcing carefully deployed, serving the products needed, with the only true quality required. To support new developments. With market knowledge that starts at the source. Knowing what can and cannot be done with the products in a particular market. What’s mandatory and what’s optional. What’s desirable and what’s harmful. Today, the ‘Algemeene Amerikaansche Kleurstoffen Onderneming’ supplies all the available chemicals that you can think of. Accompanied by the right performance.

Almost as structured as the chemistry itself

Our distribution is well organized. Logistics simply should be perfectly arranged. No delays. A deal is a deal. We rely on our unrivalled market knowledge every day, and our contacts help where they can. Our comprehension of legislation and regulations, formalities, a wide range of markets, not to mention our product know-how, are all at your disposal. At a moment’s notice if necessary. We have been carefully developing our knowledge all these years. At the ready when needed.

Our clients can count on us. Everything is perfectly organized. After all, the chemical sector is hardly a typical industry. It’s an industry where safety, quality standards, protocols, registrations and restrictions set the tone. That’s precisely why we are so careful at AAKO. Of everything, with everything. Check, check and double check. We like to go over things three, four or five times. Carefully weighing up our knowledge of regulatory matters. Because we know everything about the production and trading of chemical materials, we can offer the utmost certainty.

Chemicals require excellence

At AAKO we know the industry’s unwritten rules as well as all written regulations. We have skilfully digitized that knowledge. It’s also in our heads. Immediately accessible. Ready to be shared. We are careful with all procedures. And we are thorough when it comes to our – often local – inventory. Details? How tiny do you want them? We know them all or will look them up.

We are conscientious with our contacts and meticulous, cautious and precise when it comes to our products. The same applies to our distribution, regulations and the way we do our sourcing. Every detail on time, accurate and with great care.

For customers, product developers and suppliers, our preparations show great attention to detail. We don’t miss a thing. AAKO isn’t an average brand; we are a careful brand. In the world of chemicals, care is paramount.

AAKO. Chemical Excellence.

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