Locron L

CAS 12042-91-0

Product description

50 % aqueous solutions (Locron L, LIC, LIF).
Locron is a mild astringent that reduces perspiration and has a slight deodorising effect. It is therefore used in a wide range of antiperspirant and deodorant formulations.

though being well tolerated, dermatological trials should be carried out with the final antiperspirant/ deodorant formulation to establish beyond doubt that no skin irritation is caused by the combination of products, each of which is in itself non-irritant. Widely used in perspiration-reducing preparations.

Locron L, LIC and Locron LIF are used for roll-ons, pump-sprays, emulsions and aqueous gels. All Locron grades can also be incorporated in skin lotions, skin creams and shaving lotions to achieve a slight adstringent effect.