Product description

These dyes have demonstrated solubility, suitability and stability in a variety of different thermoplastics.  Epolight® dyes can be used individually or formulated into Epolight® blends to achieve optical density or light transmission targets.  Our experience in dye and polymer chemistry, coupled with predictive optical modelling allows us to swiftly suggest a starting point formulation for trialing.

As Epolin is innovation driven, our R&D group is constantly developing novel dyes that may not be captured in this list.  Please reach out to us to see if there is a superior product solution for your application.

EpolightLambda max, nm
Epolight 5820420
Epolight 5843444
Epolight 5396526
Epolight 5393543
Epolight 5391546
Epolight 5397596
Epolight 5411614
Epolight 5394621
Epolight 5845631
Epolight 5262634
Epolight 5839649
Epolight 6661669
Epolight 6084695
Epolight 6818719
Epolight 4037743
Epolight 5548777
Epolight 5587816
Epolight 5753819
Epolight 3801855
Epolight 5588860
Epolight 5547907
Epolight 1125950
Epolight 2062977
Epolight 2066978
Epolight 2057990
Epolight 2164993
Epolight 11171071
Epolight 11781073