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Flooring is a collection of applications, within which epoxy and polyurethane floor coatings are the main applications. Dispersing additives, levelling agents and defoamers play an important role for these applications. Besides for floor coatings, these additives are very useful for floor adhesives.

An increasingly important issue in flooring applications is the requirement of reducing the VOC. In order to meet this requirement filler or pigment concentrations are often increased, which can only be achieved with proper dispersing agents.

For epoxy and PUR flooring foaming and levelling properties are important. We offer a number of defoamers and levelling agents for this purpose.

Below recommendations are given per application as well as per pigment type. These recommendations are basically the same as for pigment pastes producers, but with additional recommendations for epoxy and polyurethane flooring.

Epoxy based applications

Water based Solvent based Solvent free Defoamers Levelling agents
TiloSperse 6003 TiloSperse 5870 TiloSperse 5028 Tilo-F 6000 (water) Tilo-L 7000 (water/solvent)
  TiloSperse 5028   Tilo-F 7000 (solvent)  
  TiloSperse 5510      
  TiloSperse 5511      

PUR based applications

Water based  Solvent based  Solvent free Defoamers  Levelling agents
 TiloSperse 6003  TiloSperse 5014  TiloSperse 5014

 Tilo-SF 5000
 (solvent free)

 Tilo-L 7000
   TiloSperse 5017  TiloSperse 5018  Tilo-F 5220
 (solvent based)
   TiloSperse 5028  TiloSperse 5028  Tilo-F 5000
 (solvent free)

Water based applications

 Organic pigments  Carbon black


TiO2  Fillers  Universal
 TiloSperse 6464 TiloSperse 6462   TiloSperse 6460  TiloSperse 6460  TiloSperse 6460  TiloSperse 6460
   TiloSperse 6002      TiloSperse 6002  TiloSperse 6560
           TiloSperse 6003

Solvent-based applications

Organic pigments Carbon Black Inorganic pigments TiO2 Fillers Universal
TiloSperse 5430 TiloSperse 5470 TiloSperse 5472 TiloSperse 5530 TiloSperse 5472 TiloSperse 5472
TiloSperse 5372          

Solvent-free products*

Low polarity Medium polarity Medium to high polarity High polarity
TiloSperse 5016 TiloSperse 7000 TiloSperse 5028 TiloSperse 5032
TiloSperse 5020   TiloSperse 5029 TiloSperse 5013
    TiloSperse 5017 TiloSperse 5014

*For solvent-free applications, products are recommended based on polarity of the system. 

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Aako BV
P.O. Box 205
3830 AE Leusden
The Netherlands
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