We do our homework!

Making the impossible possible, that makes us happy. This means that we eagerly tackle any challenges that come our way. This is also the case with the challenge that came up last week in which the customer asked us to supply an extremely explosive raw material and also to organize the transport. We can supply the raw material from our wide network, no problem. Transport is more complicated, but that is precisely where our added value lies.

When it comes to chemical legislation, we have extensive knowledge of all formalities and regulations in a wide range of markets. We assist principles, suppliers and customers in complying with obligations under REACH, CLP, The Cosmetic Regulation and all other relevant regulation and legislation. Our comprehension and expertise of all regulatory affairs are all at your disposal. We apply our understanding and expertise of all regulatory matters widely to our customers.

Knowledge of legislation

That means that the laws governing the supply of exceptional raw materials and their transportation are our own. So just delivering this raw material is not an option as far as AAKO is concerned. So not even for last week’s customer demand. Even then it turned out that this process of organizing safe transport takes time. But eventually: we ensure that the papers are correct, that it is allowed to deliver to a specific place, that the transport is safe for our supplier, the transporter, for our customer.

Regulatory affairs department

At our office in Leusden, the Regulatory affairs team is dedicated to keeping those laws and regulations in place. In the Netherlands, Europe and beyond. Precisely to make a difference for our customers and to unburden them with supplying the raw materials from the producer’s door to their own front door. All our customers need is a healthy dose of trust in us, then we’ll do our homework!