We care about freedom of choice

Over the last few years, AAKO has rapidly become a big player in the sun care market, providing all relevant UV-filters. When it comes to people’s health, we focus on doing things right. In sourcing, in supplying, in storage and in formulation. We understand and support consumer protection laws and we stay up to date with evolving regulations. All we want is for you to manufacture safe, reliable products.

We take care of business. Our business, for your business. For your security of supply and for stable prices. And for your freedom of choice. We think we are the best alternative to any other supplier you can name. Because our supplies come with what we call Chemical Excellence. Delivering safe, high-quality (end) products from local stock to guarantee continuity of supply. Customers can rely on AAKO’s detailed knowledge of what makes a high-quality product.

Are you developing a new product, doing scientific research or looking for an alternative source? Or do you just want to test our so-called Chemical Excellence? Discover your freedom of choice. Try our Sun Care samples.