The environment: today we think about it extra

What do we mean by “the environment”? The definition according to  the dictionary: “the whole of the natural, social and cultural environment that exerts its influence on a living being”. We care about the environment every day and we are aware that we can protect the environment with the way we work. We like to work with sustainable products and we trade them in a sustainable way to minimize the burden on the environment. That is what we call: Quality and Responsibility.

To us, Quality Management and Responsible Care are a big part of Chemical Excellence. Our thorough and meticulous way of operating is clearly visible when it comes to legal requirements, risk management, policies and documentation, provision of information, employee training, emergency response, ongoing improvements and community interaction. We make sure all quality is rock-solid, we aim for perfection.

This is how we take care of the environment

Quality and responsibility for us includes a number of topics:

  1. GMP+ Feed Safety System
  2. HACCP Food and Feed Hygiene
  3. VHCP Safety First
  4. RSPO Sustainable Palm Oil
  5. Responsible Care®
  6. Code of Conduct

Like to know more?

Would you like to know more about how we care for the environment? Or would you like to know more about the six topics mentioned above? We tell you all about it and more on this page of our website.