Proud because once again awarded the Ecovadis Platinum Medal

It was exciting for a while, because the time between our assessment and the announcement of the score took a while. But once again we were awarded the Platinum Medal by Ecovadis. We’re super proud of that, especially since the rating gets stricter every year. And the requirements to get a Platinum Medal are getting higher and higher!

Ecovadis’ mission is to reliably assess companies’ sustainability performance by providing them with comprehensive feedback, benchmarking and tools to begin a journey of continuous improvement. For AAKO, the Ecovadis platform is therefore also a motivation to work hard on the following priorities:

  • Environment (AAKO score: 90%)
  • Labor and human rights (AAKO score: 80%)
  • Ethics (AAKO score: 80%)
  • Sustainable procurement (AAKO score: 70%)
  • The scores we achieved on the above elements can be seen in a summary we received from EcoVadis.

This is where we score the highest and this is important because we don’t say we promise Chemical Excellence for nothing. We stand for quality, care for people and the environment and consider working according to legal requirements a must. For example, we carefully document the routing of our products, we can respond to emergencies like the best, and we are constantly improving our service and the impact it has on the world.

More scores
We also score high on the other points and will be happy to tell you more about them in upcoming blogs. In doing so, we will explain what the scores mean and what we are doing to keep our services to such a high level.