CAS 118-60-5
AAKO name AakoSun EHS
EC 204-263-4

Product description

AakoSun  EHS is better known as Ethylhexyl Salicylate. It is an organic, oil-soluble sun filter that absorbs UV-B radiation. It is an ester of salicylic acid and 2-ethylhexanol. Tha salicylate portion of the molecule absorbs UV light to protect skin from the harmful effects of exposure to sunlight. The ethylhexanol portion functions as an emollient. It is a colorless liquid with an oily consistency that often emits a mildly floral fragrance. Salicylates are weak UV-B absorbers. They are often used in combination with other UV filters like AakoSun OMC. Ethylhexyl Salicylate is being used in a wide range of cosmetic products to provide an appropriate Sun Protection Factor (SPF) in sunscreens or to protect cosmetics against UV radiation.

Approved for the use in sun care preparations in many countries worldwide.

  • In America and Europe max. 5% (when combined with other sunscreen actives an usage level of 3-5% is advised.

Ethylhexyl Salicylate is also known under the names Octyl salicylate, Octisalate or 2-ethylhexyl salicylate.



  • Absorbs the full range of UV-B rays.
  • Ideal for water-resistant formulations.


Chemical structure

Chemical structure of Ethylhexyl Salicylate


Packaging & storage

AakoSun EHS is available in the following packaging types:

  • Plastic drum of 25 and 200 kg
  • IBC plastic drum of 1000 kg

Must been stored in a closed container under dry, cool conditions. Has a minimum shelf life of 2 years under appropriate conditions of storage.



  • Cosmetics
  • Sunscreens