Problems caused by intensively washing

In these days of fear and care, our team of personal care experts is more than happy to introduce to you HydroTensyl Complex, a complete marine and botanical multi-functional complex for skin care. 

Perfect fit for curing skin problems caused by intensively washing or wearing mouth covers. HydroTensyl Complex is hydro-soluble and easy to formulate, e.g. for specific treatments for dry and sensitive skins and preparations for skins lacking elasticity. But also for sun care preparations, after shave products and make-up formulations. This active ingredient is made from the combination of four powerful actives: native marine collagen, honey extract, hydrolyzed marine elastin and marine glycogen. The effect of HydroTensyl Complex, even starting with a 1% dosage, on final products is great and its price is very attractive. At this moment, AAKO can deliver this multi-functional active from central stock – call our Personal & Hair Care team and ask for the possibilities of HydroTensyl Complex, tel. +31 (0)33 445 31 56.