Our answer to DMS-X price volatility

In the turbulent detergents market, AAKO has been a reliable supplier of optical brighteners for decades. Our offices in China and India enable us to manage any insecurity in supply and keep our commitments to customers. Like we did with the recent CBS-X shortages. And like we do in the current volatile DMS-X market. AAKO has sufficient inventory and access to production of DMS-X.

We can guarantee your undisrupted supply of this vital raw material for detergents. Because wherever in the world we source our chemicals, we always create a bridge between cultures. These connections form harmonious and reliable partnerships. This is very important to AAKO since it’s about more than just a supply of raw materials. We supply security. With market knowledge that starts at the source. Customers can rely on AAKO’s thorough comprehension of what makes a high-quality product. CBS-X or DMS-X, if it goes through us it goes through the most careful process you could possibly imagine. We always stay in close contact with our sources. We have local presence. Our preparations show great attention to detail. We don’t miss a thing. That’s what we do on a daily basis, for your uninterrupted supply of optical brightening agents. We like to call it: Chemical Excellence.