Let’s focus on Lipocapsules! 

Encapsulating active ingredients is a major breakthrough in cosmetics. As particles are reduced in size and consequently encapsulated by a liposome shell, several great benefits are achieved in one step. The small particles are stabilized to the optimal size for absorption; the skin recognizes the liposomes (better permeability) and in addition, the capsule protects the contents from degradation.

The uniqueness of capsules is that active ingredients are surrounded by a layer of lipids. This protects the contained actives against, amongst other, oxidation so increasing stability. A major advantage is that the lipid layer is not repelled by the skin, so it can work properly and ultimately serve its purpose. As additional highlight, the high-quality liposome capsule is a nourishing ingredient in itself.

Six varieties of Lipocapsules

  1. Resveratol Lipocapsules; these capsules keep the pores clean, balanced and stimulate the production of collagen.
  2. Retinaldehyde Lipocapsules; perfect if you are looking for a solution to aging, acne and pigmentation.
  3. Bakuchiol Lipocapsules; this natural alternative to Retinol offers best-in-class anti-aging properties with no side effects for sensitive skin.
  4. Azelaic Acid Lipocapsules; these capsules work antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and regulates sebum secretion for acne-prone skin.
  5. Tetrahydro Curcumin Lipocapsules; a natural alternative to synthetic products such as BHA and BHT. It treats and reduces acne, promotes wound healing and reduces scarring.
  6. Soy Isoflavone Lipocapsules; an anti-wrinkle solution because it stimulates the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

More information?
Regarding the above Lipocapsules, we can tell you everything. We know where the Lipocapsules come from and the technical specifications are our own. We are aware of the relevant laws and regulations regarding the products themselves, but we also make sure that it arrives at the right place at the right time in the right quantity.

Would you like information about the Lipocapsules? Do you have a question about the advantages of this ingredient? Our colleague Philip Vermijlen is pleased to answer these.