Fit with AAKOVit

Taking care of your body and mind is a much discussed subject. The right diet, enough exercise and relaxation are important. But don’t forget your appearance! Your skin can use a little extra care in the winter and spring. With eight vitamins, AAKOVit has a complete range of cosmetic products. We list them for you.

The AAKOVit range contains several Vitamin A products. These fall under the category of antioxidants and vitamins that ensure that the skin is and remains in good condition. AAKOVit A Liquid, also known as RETINOL, for example, helps to increase cell and skin renewal. A nice addition to this are AAKOVit A Acetate (RETINYL ACETATE) and AAKOVit Retinyl Palmitate (RETINYL PALMITATE), which improve the skin’s regenerative capacity.

Next in line: vitamin B
For example, we have AAKOVit Nia (NIACINAMIDE), or vitamin B3. It helps to repair the skin against redness, pigmentation, pimples and fine lines. Vitamin B5, also known as AAKOVit P (PANTHENOL), supports the regenerative metabolic process of the skin.

Our pride: AAKOVit C
AAKOVit C is also an antioxidant of which we have a stable variant in stock. It is called AAKOVit C Ethyl Ether (3-O-ETHYL ASCORBIC ACID)  and is also our pride! It is a challenge to prevent the oxidation of vitamin C by exposure to heat, air or water. It loses its effectiveness when oxidised, so we have a stable vitamin C that does not oxidise easily and therefore does not turn brown. This vitamin also does what it promises; it strengthens the skin by stimulating the production of collagen.

Nourishment and protection with AAKOVit E
A characteristic of our AAKOVit E is that it not only nourishes the skin, but also protects it from external influences. It has a moisture-regulating effect, which also keeps the skin supple. So it works against wrinkles and softens scar tissue. We have included natural Tocopherol in our portfolio. As well as TOCOPHERYL ACETATE, which we offer under the name AAKOVit E Acetate.

Our ambition with AAKOVit
We work daily to improve and expand our product range. This also applies to the products we call AAKOVit. We want to intensify the cooperation within the markets of Sun Care and Personal & Hair Care, continue to stand for the quality we deliver and keep improving. But above all stay true to ourselves. Delivering what we believe in, working with the right suppliers and delivering quality to our customers. Every day, we stand for Chemical excellence!

On our website you will find the complete package of AAKOVit applied within the markets Personal & Hair Care and Sun Care. Together with all the information from these markets, they give a clear picture of what we can do for our customers. Would you like to discuss this with us or simply get to know us? Please contact us.