Excellence has a name

Excellence is part of our daily ritual. Excellence in our in-depth knowledge of regional markets. The reliable science behind our products, the opportunities and the applications. We know exactly how to get chemicals to the right place, in the right way, under the right conditions, conform the right regulations and via the right logistic steps. Bulk chemicals, specialty chemicals and fine chemicals, if it goes through us it goes through the most careful process you could possibly imagine.

Excellence is about knowing what can and cannot be done with optical brighteners. At AAKO we know the industry’s unwritten rules as well as all written regulations. We are conscientious with our contacts and cautious when it comes to our products. The same applies to our distribution, regulations and the way we do our sourcing. We don’t miss a thing. In the world of chemicals, care is paramount. Excellence is paramount.

And now excellence in optical brighteners has a name: AAKO Briljant™. If you want to be sure that your product will always be accompanied by excellent legal expertise, risk management, policies and documentation, provision of information, employee training, on-going improvements and community interaction, then from now one there is only one standard in detergents: AAKO Briljant™. Why settle for less?

Do you want to know more about Chemical Excellence and how it applies to Briljant™? Or, more down-to-earth, what this will mean for your next order or request? Please contact us!