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Aako BV
P.O. Box 205
3830 AE Leusden
The Netherlands
KvK 31009627

Organic UV filters

The organic filters absorb the ultraviolet light and convert it into a small amount of heat. Organic filters are the most commonly used UV filters but they are often supplemented in products with inorganic filters to increase the efficacy. We can offer a wide range of UVB and UVA filters.

Product CAS nr. INCI name
AakoSun AVB  70356-09-1  Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane 
AakoSun BP1  131-56-6  Benzophenone-1 
AakoSun BP2  131-55-5  Benzophenone-2 
AakoSun BP3  131-57-7  Benzophenone-3 
AakoSun BP4  4065-45-6  Benzophenone-4 
AakoSun BP5  6628-37-1  Benzophenone-5 
AakoSun BP6  131-54-4  Benzophenone-6 
AakoSun BP9  76656-36-5  Benzophenone-9 
AakoSun BP12  1843-05-6  Benzophenone-12 
AakoSun BTZ  154702-15-5  Diethylhexyl Butamido Triazone 
AakoSun EHS  118-60-5  Ethylhexyl Salicylate 
AakoSun HMS  118-56-9  Homosalate 
AakoSun OCR  6197-30-4  Octocrylene 
AakoSun OMC  5466-77-3  Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate 
AakoSun OTZ  88122-99-0  Ethylhexyl Triazone 
AakoSun PBSA  27503-81-7  Phenylbenzimidazole sulfonic acid 
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Aako BV
P.O. Box 205
3830 AE Leusden
The Netherlands
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