Bio-based polymers for AAKO’s Personal Care solutions

ESAFLOR® (by Lamberti) ZERO-X technology is a patented sustainable process to obtain high performing  guar derivatives suitable for cosmetic formulations. It is an ingredient with many benefits which is why we have included it in our offerings. 

Guar derivatives manufactured with ESAFLOR® ZERO-X technology can be used in a wide variety of personal care applications, such as shampoos and toiletries. Thanks to their cationic character they interact with keratin, providing hair and skin conditioning benefits. This eco-friendly process allows saving from 7 to 14 kilograms of water per kilogram of final product, avoiding the corresponding need of waste water treatment. Supplementary benefits of this innovative process are higher yield, relevant reduction of waste generation and energy consumption.

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1. Attachement – ESAFLOR Cover story
2. Attachement – ESAFLOR Formulation tips
3. Attachement – ESAFLOR Technical specifications

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