AAKO is an established name in crop protection in Africa.

AAKO is an established name in crop protection in Africa. We have a full product range, covering herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and nematicides. With our focus on understanding farmer pain points and providing simple and effective solutions, we help farmers grow. But how did the ‘Algemeene Amerikaansche Kleurstoffen Onderneming’ (AAKO) got one of the leading suppliers in crop protection in this region? It all started in the late sixties and one may say it has to do with our heritage – we are Dutch, and we are family owned.

A combination that makes for an outgoing, enterprising company. We dared to go where the major players didn’t. We entered North-Africa and Middle East country by country. Learning country by country. About their way of farming, their culture, their market and especially their legislations. About doing business in Africa, very time-consuming and all about relationships. We invested a lot of time and money to become a major player in crop protection in each and every country in the region. That’s the main reason why those major players now use the knowledge and contacts of AAKO. As an extension of their sales and marketing. As an agent and distributor. Not only the major players in chemicals, but nowadays also their equivalents in biologicals know the way to this continent via AAKO. The yield of a family business that carefully keeps refining its perfection year after year, country by country. Let’s celebrate AAKO 75 Years.