CAS 27503-81-7
AAKO name AakoSun PBSA
EINECS 248-502-0

Product description

AakoSun PBSA is a water soluble UV B filter of which the solubility can be further improved by adding a base to the formulation i.e. NaOH or TEA. In formulations the pH-value need to be buffered around 6 – 7, because at lower pH levels precipitation could occur as a result of PBSA reverting to its acid form.

A significant SPF boost of O/W emulsions can be achieved by using water soluble AakoSun PBSA together with oil soluble UV filters i.e. AakoSun AVB and AakoSun OCR.

Additionally, usage of water soluble AakoSun PBSA instead of oily ingredients enables the production of formulations with a light skin feel and high SPF values.

See our guide formulations for inspiration.


Must be stored in closed containers in dry cool conditions. Minimum shelf life of 2 years under appropriate conditions of storage.


AakoSun AVBAakoSun OCR