Tripotassium Phosphate Food Grade

CAS 7778-53-2

Product description

Tripotassium phosphate is a food grade white powder that can be used for mineral food supplements. It can also be used for low-sodium food production. Our Tripotassium phosphate is an ionic salt that dissolves in water.



  • Do you want to test our Tripotassium phosphate? Just request a sample. Our experts will process your request within three business days and have your sample package composed. Of course, your package will also contain analysis certificates, Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data Sheets.
  • Produced in Europe.


Chemical Formula



Packaging & Storage

  • 25kg PE-lined paper bag
  • Others on request

Must been stored under dry, cool conditions. Keep away from moisture.



  • Mineral food supplements
  • pH control
  • Emulsion stabilizer
  • Production of low-sodium foods