Monosodium Phosphate Crystals Feed Grade

CAS 7558-80-7

Product description

Our monosodium phosphate (or MSP) is a feed grade white crystal that can be used in compound feed, mineral feed and other feeds for pigs, poultry and all animals. Our monosodium phosphate is listed within the feed material catalogue.



You want one more reason to buy monosodium phosphate at AAKO? We think this is a very good reason: we are GMP+ B3 certified. GMP stands for ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’. GMP does not only impose requirements regarding animal feeds production facilities, but also for storage, transportation, personnel, procedures and documentation.



Chemical Formula



Packaging & Storage

  • 25kg PE-lined paper bag
  • Others on request

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from moisture.



  • Mineral
  • Animals
  • Poultry