Aako Briljant HW

CAS 16090-02-1

Product description

AAKO Briljant HW is a Fluorescent Whitening Agent (FWA), also called an Optical Brightener (OBA) for incorporation in detergents.

It absorbs high energy radiation in the UV-A region (280 nm – 390 nm) and emits lower energy radiation in blue region in visible spectrum (400 nm – 450 nm). This blue light can be used to counteract the yellowish appearance of products or substrates such as clothes or curtains.

AAKO Briljant HW is a cost-effective optical brightening agent for a wide range of detergent formulas and wash conditions.

Also available in the following grades:

AAKO Briljant HW is also known under the names Stilbene Disulphonic Acid Derivative, DMS-X, DASCC, Tinopal DMA-X and Fluorescent Brightener 71 or 260.



  • Great affinity and is excellent at brightening both cellulose & aliphatic polyamides (Nylons)
  • Complies with Blue Angel and EU-Ecolabel requirements


Chemical structure

Chemical Structure of Tinopal DMSx


Packaging & Storage

AAKO Briljant HW is available in the following packaging types:

  • Big bag of 400 kg
  • Cardboard box of 20 kg

Must been stored under dry, cool conditions in tightly closed containers. Has a shelf life of at least 5 years under appropriate conditions of storage.



  • Conventional and compact washing powders
  • Liquid laundry detergent