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Aako BV
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The Netherlands
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Natrlquest E30

CAS number:
Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate
EINECS number:
Non Governmental organization

General description

Chelating agents, such as EDDS and EDTA play a crucial role in the stability and efficacy of personal care formulations.

  • Anti-oxidants 
  • Peroxide stabilisation
  • Biocide potentiator
  • Reducing water hardness

Anti-Oxidant Metal ions can react with oxygen in the air to form radicals and other reactive species that can lead to discolouration and odours. Even in trace amounts metal ions can cause side reactions and so it is vital for the formulator to bind these up with a chelating agent. Metal ions such as Fe and Cu can be introduced into formulations through raw materials, particularly water, from the air or from plant equipment. Peroxide Stabilisation In peroxide formulations, metal ions react with the peroxide causing the peroxide to decompose and for radicals to be generated. Chelants work by binding to metal ions in formulations and so prevent these ions causing these side reactions. This gives formulations greater stability and longer shelf life. Biocide Potentiation Biocides and preservatives are potent additives that are designed to kill unwanted bacteria in formulations. Bacteria can be introduced at low levels during manufacture of formulations or at higher levels when opened or touched by the consumer. Chelating agents have been found to enhance the activity of biocides and so allows significantly lower levels of biocides to be used. This is good for the consumer as it reduces the levels of active chemicals that can cause irritation or sensitization and also reduces the amount of biocide released into waste water. This is also good for the manufacturer as it reduces their cost.

  1. Reducing Water Hardness
  2. Water hardness ions such as Ca and Mg reduce the effectiveness of surfactants in cleasing producs leading to poor foam quality and poor cleaning.
  3. Chelants bind up these ions from tap water and help enhance the performance of surfactants.
  4. Performance Benefits
  5. Effective anti-oxidant
  6. Excellent transition metal chelation
  7. Effective water hardness control
  8. Reduce radical generation
  9. Preservative potentiator improving piocide efficacy
  10. Environmentally friendly alternative to EDTA
  11. Green Award Winner – UK Green Chemical Technology Award 2003
  12. Effective peroxide stabiliser
  13. Readily biodegradeable
  14. Fully compliant with all future legislation
  15. Eco-Label Approved – EU Flower, Nordic Swan, Bra MilijÖval
  16. Natrlquest contains [S,S] – Ethylenediaminedisuccinic acid [EDDS]
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Aako BV
P.O. Box 205
3830 AE Leusden
The Netherlands
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