Your weapon of choice: Aloe Vera

In the Netherlands we have a new public enemy number one. No, not a James Bond kind of villain. Our biggest threat at the moment is thaumetopoea processionea. A.k.a. the oak processionary moth. These little villains travel through Europe in nose-to-tail processions (hence their name), with a leader followed by rows of several caterpillars abreast. But why are these creatures little villains? The backs of older moths are covered with up to 63,000 pointed defensive bristles, which contain a urticating toxin. The setae break off readily, become airborne and can cause epidemic caterpillar dermatitis, manifested as a popular rash, pruritus and conjunctivitis.

AAKO can help you fighting this terrible plague. Fighting skin irritation and itching. Our weapon of choice? Aloe Vera. Our Aako Aloe Vera 10X has beneficial properties for skin soothing and moisturizing of the skin. Straight from carefully selected fields brought to our warehouses in the Netherlands. In the right way, under the right conditions, conform the right regulations and via the right logistic steps. But the Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice isn’t just for the victims of the oak processionary moth. Aako Aloe Vera 10X can be used in creams, soaps, lotions, shampoos, deodorants, shaving creams. We have plenty of stock, available for you from 25 KG. Just try us, ask for samples!

Want to fight thaumetopoea processionea? Or just interested in how our Aako Aloe Vera 10X can be used in your products? Call Thomas Cremer Eindhoven +31 (0)33 445 31 72.