World Water Land Day

Today is World Water Land Day; are you aware of the swampy areas on earth and its biodiversity? At AAKO we pay a lot of attention to this, especially within our CROP department, which has an established name in Africa.

We have a full product range, covering herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and nematicides. African crop yields are the lowest in the world – crop protection significantly improves the quantity and quality of food production. With our focus on understanding farmer pain points and providing simple and effective solutions, we help farmers grow. Also on swampy areas in Africa, which will only increase due to rising sea levels.

We do this with an enthusiastic team of specialists who have been working for AAKO for years. They know the tricks of the trade and the crop protection market inside out. Our registration specialists are constantly looking for new developments and products that we can offer our customers. Also with the farmer in mind, because ultimately he has to make his crop grow!