World Port Days 2023

This weekend Rotterdam celebrates the World Port Days. The aim of this annual event is to show the general public what is happening in the port of Rotterdam. This is of course familiar territory for us, not literally, but a place we deal with on a daily basis. The goods that we purchase for our customers from outside Europe are usually transported by ship and enter the Netherlands via the port of Rotterdam. And often faster than before. How? We are happy to tell you more about it.

What are we up against?
Compared to a year ago, the container liner market has improved. Procurement and shipment of goods is well organised. This is also because AAKO is effective in finding solutions to make transport as smooth as possible. Joint planning together with our customers and suppliers, combined with local stocks has proven to be very effective to maintain a stable supply. Of course, there are still outliers where we can hardly influence the transport, it can take longer to receive the goods. But sometimes it is even there within six weeks, a fine improvement on a while ago.

Influence of AAKO
A key benefit is that AAKO has local colleagues in the far east. These local colleagues know their way around and have knowledge of the local market. They continuously monitor developments in the market, after which we coordinate the planning together with our customers and suppliers. It’s a constant puzzle that we put together to achieve the most feasible scenario. But what is most effective is building up a substantial stock in Europe for a number of our regular customers. This way we can guarantee uninterrupted deliveries, so our customers can produce their products without interruptions. With our long experience we know when to increase stock and when it is safe to reduce stock and save costs.

Do you also want to use our stock?
Curious about what we can do for you as a customer? How you can also make use of that guaranteed stock? Because we not only build them up for existing customers, but also for new customers! Please feel free to contact our sales department for an introduction. Information can be found at under the heading ‘Markets’.