Why AAKO brands?

Sometimes our customers ask us why we have our own AAKO brands. Well, just simple – for your peace of mind. By buying an AAKO brand you get our comprehension of legislation and regulations, formalities, markets and products, all at your disposal. We know our way in China and India, understand what it takes to do proper sourcing and have the right local partners to rely on. Add to that our knowledge of how to get products from ‘The East’ to Europe.

We truly know the way. We assist principles, suppliers and customers in complying with obligations under REACH, CLP, The Cosmetic Regulation and all other relevant regulation and legislation. To make sure that downstream users are aware of any hazards, safety labels and safety data sheets (SDS) are mandatory for AAKO brands. Because to AAKO, Quality Management and Responsible Care are a big part of Chemical Excellence and in the roots of their own brands. Our thorough and meticulous way of operating is clearly visible when it comes to legal requirements, risk management, policies and documentation, provision of information, employee training, emergency response, ongoing improvements and community interaction. We do the financing, we take the risks, we take stock for you. And we make sure all quality is rock-solid, we aim for perfection. Perfection in sourcing, marketing and logistics. We want you to see AAKO as a proof of excellence. All for your peace of mind. That’s why we have our own AAKO brands.