We reflect on the previous year

The year 2021 is a fact, as is the first quarter of the new year. We look back on a fantastic 2021 for AAKO, in which we faced many challenges! Our growing team is now so well attuned that we are able to turn challenges into opportunities. We manage a well-balanced portfolio and have a thorough and meticulous way of working. We are flexible, especially taking into account the many limitations. So we can safely say that we are proud of ourselves!

Unfortunately, we still had to deal with the corona crisis last year, which meant that we could not visit many customers. A lot of contact was online, with both new and existing customers. You understand that building a long-term relationship, something that AAKO always strives for, is not the same via a screen. We’ll manage, but we’re still looking forward to meeting each other in person again, which will hopefully in the near future will be easier again.

We also still have to deal with the unpredictable transport of raw materials to and within Europe. The shortages of ships and containers are one reason for this. But also simply a shortage of raw materials.

Guaranteed supply
Because AAKO has a team of local agents working outside Europe, we can (pro)actively respond to this. They continuously monitor and streamline transport options for us. In addition, AAKO has dedicated stock readily available in Europe for a number of our regular customers to guarantee uninterrupted deliveries. So these customers don’t notice any delivery problems. In this way we help them to focus on their core business activities.