Warning: phishing attempts in AAKO’s name

Recently we have discovered our website aako.nl is being used in phishing attempts. Someone registered the website www.aakochemicals.com and forwards the visitors of this website to aako.nl, giving it a legitimate image. Using Aako employee’s names companies have been approached to receive shipments, proposing to pay via cash against documents.

Please be always aware to check if your counterpart at Aako is using an aako.nl email address. If you receive emails sent by support@aakochemicals.com, this is a phishing attempt. Please ignore this sender.

We would appreciate it if you inform us if you have been contacted in this way. In case of doubt, feel free to contact your regular contact at Aako, to send us an email via info@aako.nl or to call us at +31 33 4 94 84 94.