Visit to India

Last week, our colleagues Suryn de Jager, Regulatory Affairs Manager, and Seth Huizenga, Managing Director, visited India. They have visited several partners with a view of strengthening our cooperation and to foster a reliable business relationship. We like to stay in close contact with the manufacturers we source our raw materials from to ensure consistent high quality deliveries.

An audit gives us insight on whether the conditions under which raw materials we purchase are produced meet the required standards. This is important to ensure that the finished products are of high quality. In addition, we check whether the products are  produced sustainably under conditions that are healthy for people. For AAKO, this is an incredibly important issue. After all, we want, also for our customers, a sustainable and ethical supply chain of raw materials. Produced according to an environmentally friendly production process where factory employees function under good working conditions.

Risk management is our second nature
We promise on-time delivery of raw materials to our customers. We mitigate risks of on-time delivery by staying in close contact with the factories: this way we can identify any delivery problems and proactively respond to them. We work with our partners on continuous improvement on all levels.

Everything according to applicable laws and regulations
For AAKO, fair conditions are essential. Audits are one of the tools to contribute to better control of the supply chain, ultimately resulting in a more stable, efficient, and responsible business.