VHCP meeting

Chemistry is an exact science. It’s an industry where safety, quality standards, protocols, registrations and restrictions set the tone. It is crucial to keep up with developments in this area, therefore AAKO has been a proud member of the VHCP for decades.

Recently members of the VHCP met at the AAKO office. The ‘Verbond van Handelaren in Chemische Producten’, Dutch for ‘Alliance of Traders in Chemical Products’, is a trade organization for Dutch companies involved in the trade and distribution of chemical products. This day was all about Responsible Care.

On behalf of Oostkracht10, Jan-Willem de Boer from Oostkracht10 talked about the consequences of the new Dutch environmental law. In the afternoon the Chemical Substances Committee discussed developments in the field of EU substance- and product regulation (cosmetics, REACH, CLP, chemical weapons and drug precursors). The VHCP will ensure that our interests are communicated to the FECC that will discuss this with national authorities, the ECHA and the European Commission.

Jan-Willem de Boer (Oostkracht10) about Responsible Care