Using less water; a positive development as far as we are concerned

Many advertisements tell us that cosmetic products consist largely of water. Just read the list of ingredients on the back of a bottle of shampoo or day cream; aqua is often at the top of the list. Water is in cosmetic products because, among other things, it liquefies the texture. It can be a solvent for other ingredients. Due to the global water scarcity, more and more manufacturers are producing cosmetic products that add no or less water. A development that AAKO only encourages and which we are happy to support. After all, adding no or less water to a cosmetic product means a different composition of ingredients for a finished product, and this also affects our product range.

But….. water is not only added to cosmetics as an ingredient, it is also used during the production process. And we notice that our customers want to use less and less water or even start reusing it during the production process of their end products in response to the global sustainability issue. As far as we are concerned, this is also a very positive development to which we contribute by sharing knowledge from our expertise that contributes to this goal.

That’s why we like to work with suppliers like Lamberti who very consciously use less water within their production process. They use the ESAFLOR® ZERO-X Technology; their patented sustainable process for obtaining high-quality guar derivatives of cosmetic quality. The eco-friendly ESAFLOR® ZERO-X process can save 7 to 14 kilos of water per kilogram of finished product, eliminating the need for wastewater treatment. And that’s a lot! Additional benefits of this innovative technology include higher yields and a relevant reduction in waste production and energy consumption. This means not only a sustainable water use, but sustainability in the entire production process without compromising the quality of their ingredients.

Together we are stronger
But more of our partners and suppliers are making progress in this area. This means we are making steps together within the cosmetics industry to become more sustainable. We are aware that things cannot all change overnight, but every step is one step.