The future of cleaning products

On 19 and 20 June, AAKO took part in the conversation about cleaning products at the ‘Future of Homecare Cleaning Products Europe 2024’ conference. For us, an important conversation that is in line with our corporate promise: Chemical Excellence. The event was extremely inspiring where we picked up and brought knowledge.

It is wonderful to see that there is a joint ambition the future. Cleaning products must become more sustainable. Both driven by consumer demands and European laws. Trends and developments in the market were an important topic during the conference. But laws and regulations were also discussed in depth. Because as manufacturers, suppliers, academics, consultants, and trade partners, we can produce, trade ingredients, and develop end products that meet sustainability criteria. But if the laws and regulations are not aligned with this, a large part of consumers will always choose based on price. And traditional products are currently still cheaper than most of the green alternatives.

But what do those laws and regulations mean? For example, that the EU is tighter on definitions for green products. This is to prevent everyone putting out their own claim without solid substantiation. Legislation on greenwashing should and fortunately is also becoming stricter. As is the legislation for official certification such as the eco-label. Sustainability is not only about CO2 emissions, but also about product safety, water consumption, land use and much more.

Our conclusion is that together we are advancing in developing sustainable raw materials and green end products. Technological developments are moving fast, but legislation has a crucial role here in raising consumer awareness and delivering on our joint European sustainability ambition.