Teamwork delivers optimal results for our (potential) customers

We prefer to work together at AAKO. Our team is well attuned to each other, we all know what to do. That trait, of which we are quite proud, became apparent recently when a potential new distributor approached us for a possible collaboration. After a period of discussions, research and solving practical issues, we have started this unique collaboration!

Often, we approach parties within the industry that we would like to work with. Sometimes we are approached. This was recently the case with a distributor from Libya, Ithmar Agro. They were looking for a supplier for crop protection products, so that they can expand their services in this sector. Our Business Support Manager and Deputy Managing Director have assessed the needs of this distributor. Which products they want to have delivered, what fits within their own sales market, what quantities are involved and what the pricing and payment conditions can be.

Harmonious Partnership
The collaboration with Ithmar Agro has started and the first orders have been completed. We dare to say that we are on edge when it comes to such new customers, collaborations and challenges. But we are also always looking for new opportunities and deepening the cooperation for existing customers. Crop protection can be quite technical, but with careful delivery, advice and treatment, AAKO pays attention to the relational side of doing business. Wherever in the world we buy or sell our crop solutions we don’t just immerse ourselves in the products. We also build a bridge between the culture of our customer and supplier. After all, these connections form a harmonious partnership are the key to success.

Can we use our expertise for you?
Do you have such a need as Ithmar Agro? Would you like to discuss what our stewardship within the markets Cleaning, Coatings, Crop Protection, Detergents, Feed, Food, Industrial Chemicals, Personal and Hair Care ánd Sun can bring you? We will of course make time for an introduction and we will use our expertise to take you a step further. Click here to contact us directly.