Sun protection; our daily work

Spring starts today! A time that we all eagerly look forward to! The days are getting longer, we can go out without a coat again. The sun is shining and it feels good! But protection from the sun’s harmful rays is important. Sunscreen with a good filter is indispensable. Did you know that in recent years we have rapidly grown into a major supplier to the sunscreen market with all relevant UV filters? We will update you.

With our range of UV-filters and related ingredients we provide a complete package for the formulation of sunscreens. The UV-filters are there to absorb, reflect, scatter and block ultraviolet radiation. They are formulated into personal care products to protect skin and hair from the damaging effects of sunlight. Also they are used as stabilizers, to protect the integrity of our finished product (color and fragrance).

Excellence is about the perfect performance, also in Sun Care

One that starts with care and the right sourcing. With markets and product knowledge. Knowing what can and cannot be done with organic and inorganic UV-filters and auxiliary raw materials. When it comes to people’s health, we care for doing things right, in sourcing, in supplying, in storage and in formulation.

Package for the formulation

Therefore we have a complete package for the formulation of sunscreens.

  • Organic UV-filters

These filters absorb the ultraviolet light and convert it into a small amount of heat. Organic filters are the most commonly used UV-filters but they are often supplemented in formulations with inorganic filters to increase the efficacy.

  • Inorganic UV-filters

These filters can reflect, scatter and absorb the UV light depending on the size of the particles. The absorption and also efficacy is increased when the size is smaller.

  • Auxiliary raw materials

Materials that are often used in sunscreen formulations i.e. ingredients to create a waterproof film, emulsifiers of materials to improve the solubility of the UV-filters.

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