Summerproof with cobiosa

With AAKO Personal & Hair Care we offer our customers both innovative and established cosmetic ingredients. A range of highly effective actives is offered from Cobiosa. Great performance with a distinct specialty: the production of botanical extracts from the Andean region and the extraction of natural active ingredients.

AAKO especially values the technical and market knowledge from Cobiosa. In addition, their promise as supplier of natural partner is in line with our own core values ​​of “Chemical Excellence”.

Thanks to its many years of experience, flexibility and efficiency, Cobiosa has acquired a network of customers in more than 50 countries worldwide. AAKO is proud to be a long term partner in this network. Cobiosa and AAKO continuously add different natural active ingredients to the product list. These natural actives marvelously improve the processes on/in the skin.

Our diversity of Cobiosa ingredients
We distribute various ingredients from Cobiosa, an example of this is BIO-CAPIGEN VEG. This is an anti-hair loss and hair growth complex, from botanical origin. A vegetable alternative to animal keratin. COBIOCARE is also on our distribution list. It is a standardized extract from propolis obtained through a high efficiency patented process. Propolis is a mixture of substances secreted by bees in order to protect them from exogenous factor. COBIOCARE is an effective ingredient for natural deodorants and a natural acne treatment. A final example: COBIOBALANCE. That is a Yacon juice extract (Polymnia sonchifolia), from Peruvian origin, rich in fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS). FOS acts as prebiotics: food supplements for our health-promoting bacteria thus improving skin health.

Our future with Cobiosa 
AAKO hopes to be a partner in Cobiosa’s network for a long time to come, to include even more ingredients in our product list. And so to be able to provide our customers with natural and high-quality products.

More information?
Would you like to know more about Cobiosa and their ingredients? Click here for more information. And do you have any questions or would you like to have some advice? Our team of experts will be happy to provide you with supply and formulation advice.