Summer starts tomorrow

The best time of the year for us! The sun shines. We can go to the terrace with friends again to drink a nice beer. We take a splash in the pool in our backyard and get dirty on a mountain bike ride through the woods. For AAKO all moments that we would like to be present! Although we are quite invisible!

What you as a consumer do not realize is that a perfect composition of ingredients must be chosen for these fine moments in order to make sunscreen products that optimally protect the skin. That there must be a perfect list of ingredients to brew that tasty beer. That suitable products, composed of a list of specific ingredients, must be made to keep the swimming water clean and fresh. That after a fall in the forest, your clothes should be washed in detergent that actually washes clean thanks to a perfect formula. All self-evident things. For AAKO it is different.

AAKO purchases the ingredients for the above products and supplies them to the producers who make the final product, making it just that little bit easier for the consumer. We have been doing this for more than 75 years with a highly motivated team of experts of people with chemical and/or commercial knowledge. All with the same motivation: Chemical Excellence.

Our service and Chemical Excellence
We are excited to tell you more about our services and Chemical Excellence. About which ingredients we supply to producers that ultimately make the consumer’s life a little more comfortable every day.