Seventy-fifth anniversary

This year we celebrate our seventy-fifth anniversary. In 1945 we founded our business as the ‘Algemeene Amerikaansche Kleurstoffen Onderneming’ (hence: AAKO), Dutch for ‘General American Dyestuff Company’.

It was the start of a family business that carefully refined its perfection year after year. After seventy-five years this refinement is now part of our daily rituals. Bulk chemicals, specialty chemicals and fine chemicals, if it goes through us it goes through the most careful process you could possibly imagine. Nowadays we still can supply you with the best dyestuff the world has to offer, but in 2020 this specific chemical is just a very small part of our entire portfolio. AAKO offers a closely balanced range of chemicals, all of which we manage and maintain by a thorough and meticulous way of operating. Some product lines were added very strategically, other by sheer luck or coincidence. The next months we will take you on journey through the history of AAKO and its portfolio. Including the juicy details, twists of fate and interesting anecdotes for any insider in the challenging world of chemicals. Next month: AAKO and crop protection – back to the roots.