Seboreductyl: a botanical complex

We have written about it before: with AAKO Personal & Hair Care we offer our customers both innovative and established cosmetic ingredients. The Cobiosa brand is an example of this and offers a range of highly effective active substances, including Seboreductyl. It is a botanical complex. Especially designed for the care of oily skin, oily scalp and/or skin having an acne tendency. 

One of the cobiosa products that we have included in our product portfolio is Seboreductyl. Sulfopeptides and amino acids have been added to this to modulate sebum secretion. Furthermore, fome officinalis has been added to shrink the pores and hydrate the skin. In addition, vitamins from group B such as pyridoxine, niacinamide and biotin have been added to inhibit lipogenesis. Finally, allantoin has a moisturizing, smoothing and soothing effect. Together, these ingredients regulate the sebum secretion of the skin and mattifying it. And the most pleasant thing is that it benefits the comfort of skin and hair.

More information?
Would you like more information about Seboreductyl? Do you have questions about the purchase of this product? Our colleague Philip Vermijlen is pleased to answer them.