Sales Executive Saskia Westerhof speaking

The fact that working is really a bit different than usual, that applies to everyone. Also for our colleagues in the office. Saskia Westerhof is Sales Executive and talks about her work at AAKO Sun Care. Please note: we are looking for an enthusiastic colleague for Saskia. Read about it in this blog.

“I work for AAKO’s Sun Care department. We supply ingredients, especially UV filters, to customers who use them to make sunscreen products. My job is to manage the process from A to Z for that delivery. That starts with clarifying the customer’s demand. Then I look for the best purchasing options for the customer that seamlessly match the customer’s needs. At the moment I mainly take into account the applicable transport costs. These costs are currently fluctuating due to the corona crisis, which has an impact on pricing. To get this right, we have short lines of communication with our colleagues on location within and outside Europe. When the quotation is complete – I have a supporting role within the Sun Care department – I will send it after consultation to the Sales Manager of Sun Care who will ultimately conclude the agreement with the customer.”

Invaluable supportive work

“Because I support the Sales Managers in the Netherlands, France and Spain, I know a lot about the products we supply. I have a central role when it comes to purchasing and sales within and outside the Netherlands and Europe. Where I work for smaller and larger clients, this dynamic is not only great fun but also very useful. The smart solutions for smaller customers can also make a difference to the larger orders we deliver.”

Merge Sun Care and Personal Care
“Officially we are the Cosmetics department, which was created from Sun Care and Personal Care. We merged these two markets because we sold many overlapping ingredients and products. So we had many customers as a common denominator. Now we benefit from those customers having only one contact person: their “own” Sales Manager. This not only works better, but also much more efficiently. We keep an overview, together with our customers.”

Predictive work
“Because we work with seasonal products, we always make long-term planning with our customers. We are now working in the season of the sunscreen products, which are currently being produced and delivered. It should be in stores by May. We can generally guarantee that delivery by concluding contracts. And we can also deliver without contracts, we rely on our past experience.”

Dedicated stock
“For our storage in the Netherlands we make a prediction of a quantity that we can order for our customers with contracts and for an extra delivery outside these contracts. The stock is always transported from here to a location that the customer wishes, after which we go back to work to replenish that stock. After all, we promise “Chemical Excellence”. We have a dedicated stock for customer contracts and also free stock for spot orders. We ensure that customers are never left empty-handed. It is quite a puzzle, but with a satisfied customer as a result: that’s what we do it for.”

Vacancy for Sales Executive Sun Care
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