CAS 1314-13-2; 57-11-4
AAKO name AakoSun ZnO ST
EC 215-222-5

Product description

AakoSun ZnO ST is an efficient inorganic particulate broad-spectrum UV A and UV B absorber, scatterer and reflector. AakoSun ZnO ST is hydrophobic and can easily be dispersed in the oil phase of an emulsion. AakoSun ZnO ST can be used in combination with other organic and inorganic UV filters and will boost the SPF and UVAPF efficacy of the total formulation. The small particle size makes AakoSun ZnO ST non-whitening.


Keep product dry and protect containers from damage. Reseal containers tightly after use. Minimum shelf life of 2 years under appropriate conditions of storage.