CAS 136445-69-7
AAKO name AakoFilm PA-30

Product description

AakoFilm PA-30 is a light colored solid film former which shows superior long lasting water repellency and rub resistance. The AakoFilm PA-30 also has the possibility to make sand free formulations. AakoFilm PA-30 is also an excellent pigment dispersant and suspending agent for sun screen pigments such as Titanium Dioxide (AakoSun TiO2)  and Zinc Oxide (AakoSun ZnO). As a result, addition of AakoFilm PA-30 is able to boost the  SPF of sun screen formulations.

Aakofilm PA-30 is a  useful ingredient to include in long-lasting sunscreen creams and lotions or anhydrous formulations.

Aakofilm PA-30 is solid at room temperature, but is a liquid above 69°C. Premix AakoFilm PA-30 with pigments or oil soluble UV-filters for easy incorporation. AakoFilm PA-30 is amphiphilic and will usually enhance the stability of emulsions. However, it may be necessary to adjust the level of traditional emulsifiers if adding AakoFilm PA-30 to an existing formulation.

Use level in sun care formulations 1-2 %.

Aakofilm PA-30 can also be used in other applications such as insect repellency, colour cosmetics, APDO sticks, skin and hair care.