CAS 81-13-0
AAKO name AakoVit P100
EC 201-327-3

Product description

Panthenol P100 (AakoVit P100) is the more stable alcohol form of Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5). When applied topically D-Panthenol is absorbed by the skin where it is converted into Pantothenic Acid.

  • For skin: deep penetrating moisturizer stimulates epithelisation, wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • For hair: long lasting moisturizer, prevents hair damage, thickens hair and improves luster, sheen and the hair structure
  • For nails: improves hydration, imparts flexibility for all the none physiological activities like moisturizer effect.

AakoVit P100 is easy to handle and dissolves in warm water. Exposure to heat exceeding 70°C-75°C may cause undesired racemization.

Panthenol is stable in neutral or slight acidic aqueous solution (pH 4-6), less stable in acidic or alkaline aqueous solution due to hydrolytic cleavage.

Typical use level is 0.5- 5 %.



Stored under dry conditions in tightly closed dry containers, protected from light. Shelf life of at least 2 years under appropriate conditions of storage.