CAS 81-13-0
AAKO name AakoVit P75
EC 201-327-3

Product description

Panthenol (AakoVit P75) is a 75% aqueous solution of pure D-Panthenol without citrci acid. This is a more stable alcohol form of Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5). When applied topically Panthenol is absorbed by the skin where it is converted into Pantothenic Acid.

Panthenol stimulates wound-healing, is a good moisturizer, has anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation properties. Panthenol also has excellent properties for hair care applications for both the hairs and the scalp.

AakoVit P75 is easy to handle and smoothly dissolves in water. Exposure to heat exceeding 70°C-75°C may cause undesired racemization.

Panthenol is stable in neutral or less acidic aqueous solution (pH 4-6), less stable in acidic or alkaline aqueous solution due to hydrolytic cleavage.

AakoVit P75 can be offered with or without citric acid.

Typical use level is 0.5- 10 %.



Stored under dry conditions in tightly closed dry containers, protected from light. Shelf life of at least 2 years under appropriate conditions of storage.