CAS 86404-04-8
AAKO name AakoVit C Ethyl Ether
EC 617-849-3

Product description

Ethyl ascorbic ether is an ethered derivative of ascorbic acid, the most excellent derivative of ascorbic acid so far. It is very stable in chemical structure, a real stable and discolored derivative of ascorbic acid, but also it can enter into skin and be metabolized by body as ascorbic acid. So its effect is better than pure ascorbic acid. Ethyl ascorbic acid is a unique lipophilic and hydrophilic material, easily used in cosmetic formulation. The most important is that ethyl ascorbic ether can easily enter into dermis and play biological effect, while pure ascorbic acid almost does not enter into dermis. Ethyl ascorbic ether is an excellent choice for cosmetic chemists.