CAS 6938-94-9
AAKO name AakoEmo DIIPA
EC 230-072-0

Product description

AakoEmo DIIPA (Diisopropyl Adipate) is a multifunctional light emollient which is non-occlusive, non-oily, with low viscosity resulting in fast spreading properties, rapid absorbency and low residual tack on the skin.

Emollient particularly suitable in hydroalcoholic cosmetic formulations due to its excellent compatibility profile. It functions as a non-oily emollient lubricant with mild drying effects and soft feel to the skin, making it perfect for Sun care and after Sun formulations.  Also used in bath oils, often combined with mineral oils and esters. It can be used in lipsticks and a wide range of topical skincare products.

The sensory perception and responses shown by AakoEmo DIIPA may be incorporated in various products in cosmetics: Sun Care products, Deodorants, Shower Gels, Facial Cleanser or Foams and After Shave Preparations.