TEMO-O-CID Colortrap – black

Product description

Glue traps to attract and capture insects (such as Tuta Absoluta) in greenhouses, open fields and vegetable gardens. The product is a valid alternative to toxic products, indeed is environmental friendly, not poisonous and odorless. Other important characteristics are its long-lasting effect and its resistance to humidity and bad weather conditions. ALLOWED IN ORGANIC FARMING


VEGETABLE GARDEN AND GARDEN Use the traps both to monitor and to control the adult insect population. In greenhouses: place the traps near the highest buds, in a ratio of 10-12 traps per 100 sqm. In open fields – vegetable gardens and gardens: for large-scale captures, arrange between 2 and 4 traps per plant, depending on the size, the degree of infestation and the treated area. The product is harmless for bees since yellow does not attract them.

Time of application

All year, product is free from registration in EU

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